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New Client Retainer Agreement

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1. You authorize Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) to charge your credit or debit card for the amount you indicated. SZA is not responsible for fees or other charges incurred if a credit limit is exceeded. All payments will be applied to an account within three (3) business days of submission and approval.

2. You agree to engage SZA in connection with the case(s) discussed with an SZA attorney prior to making payment.

3. You acknowledge that more detailed terms and conditions relating to SZA's engagement are set forth in your SZA Retainer Agreement, which has been already been sent to you, and you agree to abide by the terms of the retainer Agreement.

4. You acknowledge that you have been informed of the Total Fee SZA is charging to represent you in case(s) described above, and you agree to pay the total fee.

5. You acknowledge you have been understand and agree to terms of your SZA Retainer Agreement relating to payment of fees and expenses and your termination rights, and nonrefundable earned fees by the firm. You agree that Fees earned prior to termination are nonrefundable and acknowledge that 50% of the Total Fee shall have been earned at the conclusion of your initial meeting, which may already have occurred.

By initialing and dating this form and submitting payment, I acknowledge that I have received and understand the terms of my SZA Retainer Agreement, including the payment terms, and I am engaging SZA to represent me in accordance with the terms of my SZA Retainer Agreement as of the date listed above.