• Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) Gives Back to the Marines!

Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) Gives Back is our firm’s community outreach department (shapiroandmackgivesback.com is coming soon!!!). S&M gives back is currently working on bettering our office recycling system and collecting toys for Toys for Tots. Last week Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) Gives Back had the opportunity to give back to the troops over seas. Sybil Martino organizes volunteers to send care packages to Afghanistan and Iraq for our soldiers and Marines. We were able to get in contact with Ms. Martino, assigned a troop and told to get a package together to be shipped out by 08:00 Monday morning. Attorney’s and staff pitched in gathering toiletries, magazines, games, snacks, DVD’s, pens, paper and chocolate. Our loot could hardly fit on Jason Shapiro’s kitchen table and we totaled four boxes!


After losing her son in Iraq, Ms. Martino, has been inspired to donate her time and efforts to our soldiers and Marines abroad. She began this project in 2009 and has sent out over 750 packages to date. After receiving a care package from one of Ms. Martino’s volunteers Sgt. Liska, United States Marine had this to say:

Sgt. Liska, United States Marines, HMLA 369 “Gunfighters” wrote…”Words cannot express the gratitude you feel when you receive a care package from someone Stateside. It is by far one of the best feelings ever to have the support of our fellow Americans.  A package, a card, or a letter always brighten our day and make everything go a little smoother. I appreciate your support so much and am also very thankful for the package I received from you both. Thanks for the support and God bless.






Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) is grateful to have been given the chance to give back to the men and women who serve this country. If you are interested in giving back and sending a care package to a soldier or Marine please contact me: mallory@szafirm.com and I will be more than happy to put you in touch with Ms. Martino.






~Mallory Lynn Gaines: Legal Assistant