Collections for Martial Arts Schools
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Fight Collections – CALL NOW!

fight collections in marylandShapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) is a law firm made up of some of Maryland’s top trial attorneys concentrating in the areas of Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, Traffic, Personal Injury, and NOW DAVID ZWANETZ, ESQ., IS PLACING A NEW PERSONAL FOCUS ON COLLECTIONS for small businesses. More specifically, COLLECTIONS FOR MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOLS. David Zwanetz, Esq., has been involved in combat sports for a majority of his life, and has now created this niche arm of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) to look after his brethren in the martial arts world. When not fighting for his criminal defense and collections clients he can be found training and fighting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the Lloyd Irvin banner. David Zwanetz, along with his dedicated staff, are aggressive, resourceful, and persistent. “FIGHTING HARD IN BOTH ARENAS!”

Whether your martial arts academy has ten students or one thousand students, THE SHAPIRO & MACK ATTORNEYS & STAFF WILL DEVISE AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM to begin, and keep up with, the collections process on any unpaid debts. Additionally, WE WILL TAKE PREMPTIVE ACTION BY REVIEWING AND CORRECTING FLAWS in initial sign-up contracts. Having first hand experience with martial arts schools and boxing gyms all over Maryland, David Zwanetz recognizes the importance of the services that these schools provide. Moreover, he knows that through the collections process an environment can be created where the services’ value can be properly appreciated.


“Credit. Man’s confidence in man. Commercial credit is the creation of the modern times and belongs in its highest perfection only to the most enlightened and best governed nations. Credit is the vital air of the system of modern commerce. It has done more – a thousand times more – to enrich nations than all the minds of the world.” – Daniel Webster