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The most important thing to do after a truck crash is to protect yourself and your loved ones. In that regard, you must make sure to get the compensation you deserve! The lawyers at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) have been representing individuals injured in big truck accidents since Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA)’s inception in 2005. Millions have been collected for our clients. Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA)’s credo is, “service, service, service.” Unlike the personal injury mills that have been made popular by television adds and catchy slogans, Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) hand selects cases in order to insure that have the resources needed to take on the trucking companies and major insurance companies. Our main goal is to make sure that our clients and their families are protected and well taken care of as they suffer through the aftermath of a truck/auto accident. Contact us NOW for a FREE TRUCK ACCIDENT CONSULTATION.

When a big truck, or large semi tractor-trailer, crashes with a passenger-sized automobile, the results are often catastrophic. If a truck driver’s negligence results in an accident, the truck driver and his or her insurance company should be liable for the injuries and damages they caused.

Commercial truck collisions are often caused by fatigued drivers who lose focus after hours behind the wheel. Even a minor impact from a semi truck accident will result in a huge impact on a passenger vehicle. Huge impact equals serious, sometimes permanent, injuries. Truckers are required to exercise a higher degree of care on public roads ensure the safety of other smaller and less protected vehicles. Commercial vehicles clearly require more room to stop than do passenger vehicles. Tractor-trailers have larger blind spots than do passenger vehicles. We have all seen the signs, “if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” The failure of a trucker to exercise extreme caution while driving can cause irreparable injuries and even death. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a trucker it is imperative that your case is properly investigated.




Most large hauling companies have full time investigators on staff whose main function is to work to establish the least amount of liability in any truck accident. While the injured person is recovering from his or her damages, the truck’s insurance company will be actively working to reduce the amount of compensation they will be forced to pay and to obtain a quick settlement. The auto and truck accident lawyers at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) will balance the scales to make sure you get the personal injury reimbursement that you and your family are entitled to. There will be no rush to settlement. While you recover, Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) will work tirelessly to protect you.

No Fee if No RecoveryIf you or a family member has been involved in an accident with a commercial motor vehicle it is imperative that you contact us NOW for a free consultation TODAY! Remember: money is no object as there is no fee if no recovery on all personal injury matters.

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