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Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) is the home of Maryland’s premier Personal Injury team representing those unfortunately injured in car or auto accidents. Our credo is, “service, service, service.” The Personal Injury Lawyers of Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) have the unique combination of experience and compassion necessary to ease your stress while dealing with your case along with your recovery. CONTACT US NOW!

Every day in Maryland, there are countless car accidents where serious personal injuries are sustained as a result of a careless and or reckless driving. When an accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) will guide you through the delicate lawsuit filing process and make sure that you obtain the maximum benefits and money that you are entitled to.

Since 2005, Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) has represented auto accident victims throughout Maryland. Following an accident, it is of paramount importance to protect your loved ones and make certain that you get the compensation that you deserve for your injury, NOT JUST WHAT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY OFFERS YOU!

No Fee if No RecoveryBEFORE speaking to any insurance representatives, request a FREE CONSULTATION at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA). Be sure that you are fully advised of your rights under Maryland’s law. A negligent driver, who likely caused the accident and your injuries in the first place, is often shielded by his or her insurance company, who’s main duty is to settle cases fast and cheap. A quick settlement can often leave an injured party with much less than they deserve. It is immeasurably important to have a qualified personal injury lawyer on your side to protect you. Don’t worry at thing about costs because at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) there is NO FEE IF NO RECOVERY!




Maryland insurance adjusters, Maryland insurance investigators and Maryland insurance defense attorneys will be working diligently in an attempt to minimize your recovery. The bottom line is, the less money you get, the more money the insurance company will make. The auto and truck accident lawyers at Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA) will balance the scales and make sure you get the personal injury reimbursement that you are entitled to and deserve.

Some of the auto accident benefits you may be entitled to after an automobile or truck accident includes:

  • A rental vehicle
  • Repair of your vehicle
  • Income reimbursement
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical
  • Pain and suffering compensation


Personal Injury Practice Areas:

Please read more about some of the specific areas of Personal Injury below but don’t worry if you don’t see your case. We do it all! From A to Z we’ve got your back with a “no fee if no recovery” guarantee.

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