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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Maryland
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Maryland's Top Trial Team

Offices in Columbia, but serving Howard County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Frederick County, Queen Anne’s County, Wicomico County, Worcester County and Baltimore City. We have handled and will handle cases in counties not listed on a case by case basis.

Don’t get stuck in an unfamiliar legal world and lose your future because your attorney didn’t set you up for success. Hiring the right attorney to defend you is one the most important decisions you can make. So retain “a friend to defend.”

The difference between winning or losing in court often depends on how well you’re prepared.

A courtroom is a scary place for the uninitiated and uninformed. Walking into a room where your future will be decided upon by a group of strangers is an alarming situation for anyone to grasp – especially when they are making the decisions of whether or not you are going to jail or you’re going home. The good news is, the anxiety and fear caused by this uncertainty is greatly reduced beginning with your very first consultation with Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates (SZA).

We prepare you for success BEFORE you ever step foot in a courtroom, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for you and your case.

It’s one thing to have a qualified lawyer represent you. It’s an entirely different experience to have a legal team familiar with how the legal game is played. The truth about going to court (that you won’t find on any popular TV series) is that knowing the law is only one part of the success equation – the other critical aspect is having a high level of trust between your attorneys, the Judges, and State’s Attorneys. You want your attorney to be respected. You want your attorney to have a reputation for the highest level of professionalism and transparency with their clients and all Court personnel. This normally invisible area of legal practice is what David Zwanetz and Jason Shapiro place a premium, on and this is why people choose SZA.

You will not find a legal team that is more accessible to you when you need answers than the attorneys at our firm, guaranteed.

On a case-by-case basis, we meet with our clients more than any other attorneys that we know. Every decision, document, or update is gone over with you so you completely understand what is happening at any given time regarding your case. We walk you through the legal process and how it affects you in a step-by-step, understandable way. With our firm, you will never feel like your lack of understanding of the legal system is being used against you or putting you at a disadvantage.

We don’t put a price tag on your peace of mind.

We made a decision a long time ago that our firm would operate on a flat-fee basis. Why do we do this? It’s simple. It is not in our client’s best interest that we charge by the hour, because we understand that a prepared client is a client that will have the best possible outcome for their case. Truth be told, educating our clients takes time – but we believe that time is important and a part of representing our clients with the highest level of effectiveness and integrity.

Our help goes far beyond the courtroom. We have strong ties with many organizations designed to get you help where and when you need it most and avoid becoming a repeat offender.

We feel that representing a person in court is merely the tip of the iceberg of one’s legal situation. In our combined 40 years as criminal defense attorneys, we can honestly say that the majority of people we represent are simply good people caught in bad situations – whether due to personal issues, drug addiction or other. When you work with SZA, we go below the surface to and do everything in our power to help prevent our clients from becoming repeat offenders and yet another statistic.

You have many choices on whom to defendant you in court. If open communication, representation by an award-winning legal team with a simple fee structure that benefits you the client, then it’s time for you to pick up the phone right now for a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of the SZA team. Click here to contact us today.


The Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates Promise

In our attorney – client relationship, our promise to you is we will represent you with the best skills and experience available in the Howard County and surrounding area. What we ask of our clients in return, is that they consider getting help (if needed) from one of our many outside partnerships organizations so that you never have to look at the inside of a courtroom again.

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Client Testimonials

Jason, I do not know where I’d be today if it weren’t for you. Every time I have ever had a problem, I’ve turned to you, and you quickly and efficiently, took care of that problem. When I was wrongly charged with felony assault, you investigated the case, and then tried it, proving my innocence. I owe you for much of my career, and for giving me back my life.” – William Joppy, former three time WBA World Middleweight Champion

Jason Shapiro is the finest criminal defense attorney in the area. He is not the only criminal defense attorney that I would refer cases to, he is the only criminal defense attorney that I do refer cases to.” – Charles Cave, retired Sgt., Maryland State Police; retired Chief Sheriff, Howard County, Maryland

David Zwanetz, or Dave Z as I call him, is what you get when you combine top-drawer legal expertise with an extremely empathetic presence – rare in the legal field. He’s my go-to guy for legal matters. I trust that his counsel will always be straightforward and professional but also, that he’s keeping an eye out for my best interests beyond just money.” – Julius Park – Owner and founder of Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts. Ivy League graduate and Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

There are times when clients require attorneys to help to figure out behavior that can defy rational explanation. When David has called upon me in my capacity as a forensic psychologist to assist him, I know his dedication and empathy for clients will serve as an important catalyst for our excellent working relationship. David has achieved an in-depth understanding of his clients needs and the best outcome available.” – Lawrence J Raifman, JD, Ph.D.


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